Null's Brawl 35.139 Update!

Null’s Brawl has been updated to the latest version 35.139 with the two newest brawlers: Belle Squeak


What’s new:

  1. Belle and Squeak (not all gadgets/starpowers).
  2. New gamemodes: Knockout (and old ones were added: Siege, Hot Zone).
  3. Fixed some bugs, added some bugs

Keep in mind that new logic is missed in the game library so our implementation is inexact and may differ from the original one. We will try to make it as close as possible in the future.

You can see full list of changes in our discord channel.

If you believe that anything which was ok in 34.141 is broken now - report in #nulls-brawl as usual.


Alpha errors:

  • I have no idea that in BS you get for winning, add cups and subtract cups for losing (in Boss Fight mode)
  • In this Boss Foght mode, the boss doesn’t seem to deal any more damage, so he has a slim chance of winning. (It should be like in BS).
  • Frank ultem can not stop (at least for 1 second), including probably the dynamics of the gadget that stops. (it could be more brawlers with anything to slow down or stop, it should be like in BS and applies to Boss Fight mode)
  • Tick the closer the main attack is thrown, the mines are well thrown, but the further away they should be (as in BS).

These are my bugs found (but I don’t know if there could be more).
I do not know if it is fixed now or not, because if they are fixed, then I’m sorry that I wrote, and if not, ok.
But I don’t know if these are mistakes (including boss fight with cups), because I haven’t played BS for a month.


2 is better than 1




Where is the others voices lines???


Please make ios version. I don’t want to use emulators. :neutral_face:


Peptic an expression that has repeating sounds


This version is always crashing in ‘Connecting to server…’ My android version is 7.0.


I found a bug with Bea’s Honeycomb. When she has her charged shot, the shield doesn’t appear.


BUG : Animated Pins sounds/voice lines was ok in V33.151 but in the new update they now play the wrong Voice Lines


Where is the voices i just hear the others but all not…
Pls fix that
I want hear all voices lines and fix Bea super


Hello, there are some bugs in nulls or things we want / do not want to happen 1- When we get a brawl pass, we cannot get the things there or when we exit the game / play a game is brawl pass going 2- some accessories / no star powers please for example come gene’s Has 2 accessories but 1 appears in nulls colonel ruffs, byron, edgar’s no accessories / star powers 3-no power league. (By the way, I’m Turkish so it might be a wrong spelling, I looked at the translation):slightly_smiling_face:


pls add on ios or what is the way to play nulls brawl on ipad

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Uptade Nulls Brawl please @nullandrey

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Mistakes in Brawlers:

  • Bull:
    a) 2 starpower has annoying noises and 3 starpower probably isn’t working.
  • Jessie:
    a) the turret does not attack safes (talking about the assault mode and probably in siege in the future, it should be like in BS)
  • Brock:
    a) 1 starpower when it leaves a flame (a fire), it does not charge the super attack
    b) 3 starpower for annoying noises
  • Dynamics:
    a) 3 starpower does not load super
    b) 1 gadget does not charge the super
  • Tick:
    a) main attack - the further the mines should be placed wider, not that they are very close to each other (it should be like in BS)
    b) 1 gadget replaced by SC does not work
  • Emz:
    a) 1 and 2 starpower not working
  • Stu:
    a) the super attack does not push enemies away
  • El Primo:
    a) 1 starpower instead of 1200 damage, deals 1120 (but works)
    b) 1 gadget does not charge the super
  • Barley:
    a) 2 gadget only works after 1 click
  • For what:
    a) 3 starpower is probably not working
  • Rico:
    a) 1 gadget does not drop all projectiles
  • Penny:
    a) 1 gadget and 1 starpower does not work
    b) mortar does not attack safes (talking about the robbery mode and probably in the future in siege, it should be like in BS)
  • Frank:
    a) 1 starpower is not working
  • Bibi:
    a) 2 starpower has annoying noises
  • Bea:
    a) 2 starpower replaced by SC does not work
  • Nani:
    a) in my opinion, it teleports strangely (but it works, we’re talking about 1 gadget)
  • Mortis:
    a) 1 starpower is not working
  • Gene:
    a) 1 gadget does no damage
  • Mr. P:
    a) 2 starpower when a little boy dies, it should respawn after 3 seconds, not after 2 (maybe servers have lags, but I don’t think so)
  • Sprout:
    a) super attack, when you place (and these 1 bushes are still there), it should (this 1 bush) disappear, and it does not happen
  • Byron:
    a) the super does not heal and does not damage
  • Spice:
    a) 1 gadget does not drop all spikes
  • Crow:
    a) the super does not throw all shots
    b) 2 starpower doesn’t work (probably doesn’t work because I couldn’t check)
  • Sandy:
    a) when he puts a super attack, the opponents are in the sand (poorly, but visible)
  • Collete:
    a) 2 starpower is not working properly
    b) Probably the super does not deal damage correctly
  • Lou:
    a) the super attack does not deal any damage
    b) 1 starpower doesn’t work and 2 starpower probably doesn’t work either

General errors:

  • no 8 new gadgets (tick, rosa, poco, frank, tara, gene, mr.p, only informs)
  • Edgar, Byron and Ruffs do not have (starpowers and gadgets, only informs)
  • still maybe some brawler (with a super attack, main attack, starpower, gadget) does not deal or does not heal (someone or himself) correctly
  • when you deal it, sometimes you don’t see the damage or how you heal (how much you have dealt and how much you heal) (with a super attack, gadget, main attack, starpower), more than once you can’t see
  • when Sprout sets an ult, our allies or you (depending on what mode) destroy this ult, and it doesn’t (it should be like in BS)
  • still in the lonely star mode, when you die (and others die), we respawn in the same place (top so in the middle), and we should respawn in the place where we respawned at the beginning of the match
  1. The superpowers of Edgar, Byron and Ruffs are not open.
  2. The game usually freezes for 2-3 seconds and once it gets smooth again we may be dead.


  • in the ‘‘Jumping Beans’’ map (in the brawl mode, there can be other modes when there are yellow walls and barrels), when you put a Stu gadget against a wall or by barrels, it moves away
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  • I think 1 starpower does not heal properly


  • the main attack probably doesn’t heal his allies