Clan Report

  1. My account tag: #LL8J8LYGU
  2. Clan that broke rule: #2VUV8RGQL
  3. Reason: Cloned accounts to win consecutive clan wars
  4. Additional description:

Please take action asap @nullandrey
(I tried to follow the format but it didn’t fit perfectly)

You’re right, that is Indonesian clan.

Yup most cloned accounts do clan wars just for their ws. If their ws has broken, they would just leave their clan :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s really unfair, they deserve a permanent ban based on device rather than account.

If daniilnull bans him, he will make another accoutn :sweat_smile:

At least he’ll have to spend time making everything again and his streak will be lost too.

Accounts have been banned permanently.

Thank you

But, if he/she erases app data, he can play again and do the same thing.

Then he’ll have to redo very thing.

Yeah, thats true

And he loses his winstreak; all in all its worth it.

U seem to be drunk cuz idk why my accs got banned though they were connected to VK. :thinking::thinking:… U better stop banning accs bcz of few noob Russian players who are not even equal to us​:relieved:… Why u made this version if u wanted the fair rules like real clash​:thinking:

If your accounts are connected to VK, it doesn’t mean they can’t get banned. If you don’t respect rules then you get banned, it’s simple.

Hmm but I think using 3 accs isn’t against rule or is it.???

Admin especially @nullandrey just listen to russians and he doesn’t even bother to reply us in global… All the time he is just wasting on nulls brawl… If he wants to play with such rules then what’s the point of even making such server… Well this admin is crazy cuz he steals people’s clan on pretext of restoring and play wars there​:joy::joy:

I think you don’t get the situation here. You didn’t pay to play on this server. Admins technically don’t even have responsibility of even caring about what you say and they can technically do what ever they want. To have them actually helping us is already extra. They may be bias when it comes to banning but looking here, they are obviously not. If they ban you its most likely you’re using more than 3 accounts and you know that’s wrong.

You never said you used three accounts since your point was ‘Why isn’t it ok to ch eat like this?’ Because most people who genuinely want to play on this server and it is not only unfair but also very frustrating when almost all your members attack in war yet are not rewarded for what they have done just because some ch eater wants to make a winstreak.

I had 3 connected to vk and what the wrong deal with that when he clearly mentioned using 3 is legit? Why didn’t he banned those clans which have more than 10-20 clones… I don’t expect anything form you but if it’s for us it should be for eveyone

The stealing clan thing was also an one time incident and they apologized to the original owner of that clan, only to receive even more hate from that player.