Wtf! why every time this!

Whenever I try to create topic with a long text, it always asks for moderator’s permission before uploading it here!!:expressionless::expressionless:See what!! In long text I attach drive links as proofs, but if u won’t allow those, how could I prove my point huh?
While editing this topic I’m able to present my views over the main topic!!

An Irani clan named as GOOLDEN🇮🇷 tag #8LUGYVVQ8…using ill measures so that no can beat them in wars, because no one is able to attack on their bases…By the use of some sort of hacks they r hiding their bases…nd if no one isable to attack them they will win for sure…such clans must be banned so that they won’t use any ill measures further…
Proofs- No one is able to attack upon their bases…

Their bases r hidden and we r unable to attack em-

Hi. The topic of your discussion is incomprehensible. Edit it so that the leader understands your question

He basically says they are chea ting

BTW you need permission because your entry contained sensitive language. Edit it to avoid it next time.

You must see this topic before reporting a players or bug report and also remember you must write in format and also fill in details so they will respond it maybe


We’ll looking forward.

Thx for the suggestions…will mind the fact, for future references…