When Null's Royale Update?

Its been quite long and I’m stuck on the same season of electro giant


We’are planning to scrap the Null’s Royale or something else. When we updated server to v3.3.1 we caught ourselves wondering when we would update it again. So we stopped at v3.5, but it looks like the developers of Clash Royale are in no hurry to release v3.5. We’re working on own logic in Null’s Brawl and have no idea when we’ll do a timeout. Hope to that it will in near time.

Have fun!

pls remove custom cards

In cr they have only 106 cards but in nr you have added plus 17 extra cards does this mean you made extra 17 cards admin like golemative cave it’s not in clash roayle

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We won’t remove it. Never.

The ‘Custom cards’ are one of the futures of Null’s Royale. If we remove these cards, the server will lose popularity and become a “classic private server” which will be no different from others.

We stick to the standard, so we don’t plan to ever remove them. That’s the whole point of the Null’s Royale.


Não está abrindo os baús do meu inventário!! Fica tudo ocupado !!

Pls activate the create tournament

Spectator mode, friend list and top local pls :sob::sob::sob: