What is this?

Why is this showing? and I can’t login to nulls clash. it’s saying I have error code
And how do I attach files? Can I dm a admin or something? I need to show this.

You can dm admins directly via here on the forum or at VK or at Discord. Upload picture to Google Drive and send shared link here so we can see. What error code do you have? Try using a VPN, maybe it will help.

my error code is 102

You don’t need two topics…

Your device cannot be with Android 10 if you got this error code, it may 11 actaully. What’s your device?

My device is vivo V20 se. Which is currently android 10. I have screenshoted the error code and stuff. The error code is, 102.
Ooppps, a little correction here, my phone jst got an update, yes sir. Its been updated to android 11.So can I play it at android 11?

Please make the game compatible to android 11.

They working on it but right now it’s not compatible with v11… :bowing_man::bowing_man:

I have Android 11 and it seems to work fine for me. If it’s really a compatibility issue then use a phone emulator or a computer one.

How you play game on android 11

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Idk, it works fine for me for some reason.




Eric, we can play Null’s in laptop?

No brother

Yes, but you have to use an emulator. I recommend MEmu or BlueStacks.