VK PROBLEM help please

Hello admins and everyone. I’m a french player. I have a clan level 3 actually and I love your server, I don’t wanna to lose my account (#R9YVGL2YL) then, When i want to create a VK account the verification code doesnt send, for my phone number and virtual number, can you help me ? :confused:

Hello. This case is strange. Whatever, have you tried to look into the Spam folder? That’s may there, but I’m not really sure. Also you can try to contact VK Support as usually to find a way with it. Can’t say more about this issue.

@nullandrey thanks for your answer. I will check. Now i’m on holiday in Spain, i’m Belgian, i use my number, it not work, for a internet number too. If your tips dont work i will try contact vk. And i will see if its because I’m not on my country home. Have a nice day (;

I cant contact the support 'cause i dont have a account. And on internet it not works too. I’m confused… i dont have indesirable message too

Ops… I didn’t know that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As I seen there is a way to sign up via Facebook. Does it required Phone number verification too?

Yes we need

Uhm. Well, most likely that’s VK-side issue (so bad). Hope when we moved to our ID system, we won’t have issues like that.

I think it’s the client of VK too… But i did’nt see this problem anywhere, no one haves this at the moment. I will tell you news here soon. I go back in Belgium on 25 July. I’ll try on my pc then. If the problem persist, Can i prove its my account orrr… If my Phone crashed a day, i cant recup my account and my clan… I dont wanna to bother you but it’s boring… Thanks a lot for your help you’re very cool

OK. Let me know if something changed.

Virtual numbers don’t seem to work for VK for some reasons. If the text message doesn’t work you can try verifying by call, which is much more consistent than text message for some reasons.

The call doesnt work too…

No more changing ?

Can you contact VK or do you have a other way to link my account ? I’m back in Belgium and i dont receive any message…

Hello again. I’ll try to contact support and if something changed I’ll notice you here.

Okay thank you Andrey :slight_smile:

If you want to know, I’m connected after 2 months of trying. Now my wk account is linked. I’m happy, thanks for the help