Unable to access my account after i stopped playing for few days

Hello sir/ma’am
My name is muskan and i wanted to ask you regarding , y account on nulls clash. I stoped playing for a few days due to my exams and told my friend to complete my daily league attacks and after a few days when i came online again i wasn’t able to access my account when i asked from my friend he said he didn’t got the time to use mine account. Please help me i build my clan for so long time its level 8 now and now i cannot access my account. I can answer all the security questions if any. Please allow me to get acces to my account or my clan.

My profile tag is #J8RQJCV8G
Name- RJ🇮🇳 Muskan
Experience Level 179
TH - 14
Clan Name - Rajasthani (Level 8)

Looks like a VK problem. Make sure your login info is correct? Screen shots would be more descriptive.

If an account wasn’t linked with VK, than contact us via forum.dnull.xyz/g/moderators → message.

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