Trophy Abuse


I noticed a bug : knowing that shields do not exist, players are supposed to lose trophies after a certain time but here this is not the case. Many inactive players stagnate in legend despite having been inactive for more than a week. It’s unfair because these players stay well placed and they don’t have to take back lost trophies after all this downtime. Taking as an example the “FR Hackers” clan ( #82UG9L9UU ) which is filled with inactive legend players, they will remain in the top for life without playing which is totally unfair.

We believe this bug occurs when someone is in legend league without being registered when the server changes season

Video of the clan “FR Hackers” ( #82UG9L9UU )
When was the bug : 28/05/2022

Sorry if there is any misunderstanding because english is not my mother tongue.

My NC tag : #P2LYPGC9J
My Discord : Shad#0219

With the help of Venom
His NC tag : #20YPVVLR80
His Discord : VENOM_bis#3087

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll looking for this ASAP.