Server rules

Our rules are simple. You are not allowed to:

  • Any form of unbecoming conduct: toxicity or inadequacy, slander, insulting others, making offensive nicknames or clans, spamming in chat, etc.
  • Advertise any websites or pages in social networks (export our ones).
  • Force others to do something (e.g. use commands, report somebody) or mislead them.
  • Impersonate yourself as Null’s Team staff.
  • Build websites or communities in social network about project without our permission.
  • Do any client modifications, use and destribute server bugs (it’s better to report them to us – we can give some rewards).
  • Sell any server content (clans, accounts), transfer accounts to other people.

Clan leaders are responsible for compliance with the rules by clan members.
Null’s Clash has special rules in global chat, that are shown when you enter it.
All players should follow these rules. There are no any exceptions.
Server staff reserves the right to ban players without giving reasons, in exceptional cases – for a reason that is not present in the rules.
If you notice that someone is breaking these rules – report it at this forum with screenshot and player tag.

Thank you for following the rules and playing on our server. Have a good game!

Last updated: October 10, 2021. You can subscribe this topic to get notifications when rules will be updated.