Scam advertisements (continued)

  • My tag: #LL8J8LYGU
  • Rule breaker tag: #QQC9LRLUG & #QQJ82Y0JU
  • Description of problem: This account posts ads that lead players to scams.
  • Where: Any Chinese clan that they can enter.
  • They’ve been reported before but simply made new accounts.
  • Same stuff as last time but this time there’s two.

Thanks for letting us know.

No problem; more to come.

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Is there another way I can show you my reports? There are many and it takes too long for me to send it over and over here at the forum. Maybe Discord or VK dms?

Report all players lol😆

I’m reporting scammers, it’s not even a player.

Hello pls i got scam :sob::sob: