Reporting #28jrrv882j

I am a player in Nulls Brawl. I am in the club called Happier. My username is Adam.

I am here to report #28jrrv882j for harassing me and other players in my club. I am willing to provide further evidence if necessary.

damn he is bad, maybe you should kick nor block this kid

I have kicked him before, but he keeps coming back. Also, he is spamming other peoples club too. He is also making “hate clubs” or clubs designed to humiliate certain individuals, as shown in the pictures posted by @King_Kaos. He has created and presided over these clubs himself. Kicking him hasn’t resolved the issue.

oh ok

Plz ban #28jrrv882j

#28jrrv882j is still spamming in my club. I reported him but it hasn’t resolved the issue. He was hopping in and out of my club leaving messages like this:

The issue is still ongoing as shown in this picture taken 2 minutes ago:

Two days have passed and the issue is still unresolved as shown in this image:

#28jrrv882j is hopping in and out of my club spamming hate messages like the one shown by @King_Kaos. I also suggest that Kaos show the full folder of screenshots. This folder will show other evidence of #28jrrv882j abusing other players in Nulls Brawl.

This is the full folder of evidence against #28jrrv882:

Plz ban him ASAP. He is writing hateful descriptions on club.

Plz ban him fast he is destroying this NB server. He said that my country is nasty. Please ban this player ASAP. He is breaking every rule. I have plenty of pictures.

Plz ban him @nullandrey . This player spam abuse mail T_T

devs doesnt care about these things its pretty sad

Just a reminder that the issue is still ongoing. 10 days have passed and the issue is still large at hand.

6 days have elapsed and the issue is still ongoing.

24 hours have passed and the issue is worse than ever

Why hasn’t this guy gotten banned yet?

I don’t think he can get banned

Why? There’s a lot of screenshots of him violating.