Report a Nulls Brawl Player #28jrrv882j

My account tag: #J9Q0LGUG0
The tag of the player who broke the rules: #28jrrv882j
The reason for the report: Abuse
Description of the non respect: There is a player being extremely abusive and making it very difficult for me to play
Have you ever reported this non respect to someone else: Yes, this is the second time I’ve made this report. I’ve also shown each moderator this.
Proof:To – Google Drive

I’ve seen this player destroying clubs and making hate clubs about people. #28jrrv882j is harassing other players and telling them to Quit Nulls. Please ban him @nullandrey

He is telling me to quit Nulls. He is spamming in my club. Plz ban him @nullandrey :pray:

I have more screenshot

Hello we want to report 1 player he nickname is XxxmejkelxxX he just joining and exit he do somethings like stwich a club for people they get kicked and getting into new club so please can we ban him our club is poland division were was on the polish top in nr 26

So please ban this player out we dont wanna to say bye bye into our club