Please add some new feature in Null's Clash

Please add some new Features in Null’s Clash. Because many players are not interested for pushing and playing game cause we usually get just 1 or 0 trophy per attack. We need something new ! I can suggest you that :

(1) after 5000 trophies , All can use 30 attack per days !

(2) After legend we will get 40 trophy from per attack for 3 star !

(3) Give us Clan games and CWL event !

Thanks for giving us best private server :heart:

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Nice idea but I don’t like 30 attacks per day


@Mr.Creeper_The_Build So tell us your idea. :slight_smile:

Nice idea☺

I like the 2nd idea😂

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I have no Idea🧐

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It’s a good idea, but I don’t think it’s very good.

Can’t you say directly that, make this game as clash of clans

But unlimited all


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I agree with third option we want clan games and cwl event


I become bored if only war, push and chat🙂

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Everyone use 2 star strategy for push. But after all of this features we can feel interest
For push and play game.

@nullandrey say something .

30 attcks per day is enough


50 not 30

Thats good idea. Reydev sir please answer us.

Sir ,
Add this features for next season. Then , if people dont like this, then remove all of this features , please .

no. Leave these features… Plz add replays in our defence log… It will be great for us(for legends)

We need revenge button then we can earn some trophy by attcking their bases


Its will be helpful for trophy