Player Destroying Nulls Brawl

There is a player named George that is destroying clubs and breaking up assemblies in Nulls Brawl. We need something done immediately. He has destroyed at least 4 clubs.

Thanks, and here’s his code:
His name is George


I have had the same experience with this player. I have over 20 screenshots of this Nulls Brawl player destroying clubs, protesting, spamming, and using obscene language. We need our Nulls community leaders to recognize issues earlier. This is a case of a highly toxic person attempting to chase others off. Additionally, I understand why you believe that this situation must be addressed immediately. This is a time-sensitive issue. We will however, overcome as a community. It is a pleasure to see our members come forth to present that which they believe deserve attention.

Player is toxic ID 299V8LCJJP