Null's Royale 3.3.1 Update: Battles 2.0, Season 15, new gamemodes and more!

Null’s Royale has been updated to a new version: 3.3.1. Play with new emoji & balance changes in the new gamemodes!

There are big changes.
What’s new:

  • All new content from Season 15: emotes, balance changes, etc
  • In-game menu and clan UI were updated
  • Implemented full battle logic, that means you will never see “Out of sync” and cheaters again
  • Added new gamemodes to the Party Mode: Infinite Elixir, Blind Deck, 2v2 Draft and 1v1 Draft
    (old PvE gamemodes were deleted)
  • Activity Log now displays correctly
  • PvP matchmaking is now based on your arena
  • Removed limit of minimum 3000 trophies
  • Fixed some minor bugs


Thanks for playing Null’s Royale!


Also today we had a short maintenance break.

What’s new:

  • Added new gamemode to the Party Mode - 2v2 Triple Elixir
  • Added new chest types in shop: giant chest, epic chest, legendary chest, etc. instead of cards. Also, we rewrote chest generation algorithms, so they should be like in real game.
  • Added new Tower skins from Season 13; 14 and 15
  • Fixed minor matchmaking issues: now you can’t battle with your clanmate or same player twice.
  • Now at 8K+ trophies you get +17 from wins.

That’s all.