Null's clash and error 102 with Android 11

Hi everybody,

I can’t run null’s clash since my device updated to Android version 11. I get an error 102 on the screen when I want to run the mod. Is latest version of Null’s compatible with Android 11? Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.


There is no solution at the moment, because Android 11 doesn’t support at the moment. It will support sooner.

Andrey, bruh… :soccer: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :bamboo:

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When will the mod for Android 11 become available? , I’ve been waiting a while to play it and you can’t

Jesus i am waiting for triste since when android 11 was released


And the actualization? We been waiting 4 months…
Bruh, I erased my acount of normal Null’s Brawl cause dont actualice… >:v
Null’s Brawl is dying… :sob:

Yes same problem is happening still now error 102 how to fix it :slightly_frowning_face:

Have y’all fixed it yet cuz I’m still getting the error
And Im on Android 11and it’s 2022 and still ain’t working are y’all even working on it

NC still doesn’t support Android 11 and highest.