Null's Clash 14.221 Update!

Null’s Clash has been updated to the latest version 14.211.0 with new in-game content!


What’s new:

  1. New buildings and units levels, some new skins and new super unit: Super Bowler.
  2. Fix of VK Login issue on Huawei/Honor devices.
  3. Android 12 is supporting now.
  4. Looks like SC has stopped providing native x86 libraries in this update, therefore if you use emulators, you can use Bluestacks 5 to play the game.
  5. Opportunity to buy decorations from the CWL for gems.

If you believe that anything which was ok in 14.93.2 is broken now - report in #nulls-clash as usual.


The /full command doesn’t work on pets anymore and they will return to level 1 until upgrading them by yourself.

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Or1000000 000000000000

u can place traps when all builders are working.
Example: Ur using all builders but still can place traps

Strange bug. Let me know some information about it into the DM.


لدي مشكله لقد تم حضر حسابي من دون سبب اتمنا ان تقومو بفك الحضر/I have a problem, my account has been banned for no reason. I hope you will unblock the ban #QCYJ2JU28

Nullandrey plss return my clan indian war zone lvl 14 i lost lead by a bug plssss we do not do such malpractice pls return my clan tag is #2VU8UGVYL

It doesn’t still work on bluestacks 5


Bro how can I remove timer in layout Cooldown

Please I can’t get in it keep saying Battle pass not available please some one help!

It seems like some troubles with patch loading. You should re-install the app.

For some reasons its dont work on any emulator…


When i click on supercell id button im stuck on Nulls logo spinning forever

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