Null's Clash 14.221 Update!

Null’s Clash has been updated to the latest version 14.211.0 with new in-game content!


What’s new:

  1. New buildings and units levels, some new skins and new super unit: Super Bowler.
  2. Fix of VK Login issue on Huawei/Honor devices.
  3. Android 12 is supporting now.
  4. Looks like SC has stopped providing native x86 libraries in this update, therefore if you use emulators, you can use Bluestacks 5 to play the game.
  5. Opportunity to buy decorations from the CWL for gems.

If you believe that anything which was ok in 14.93.2 is broken now - report in #nulls-clash as usual.


The /full command doesn’t work on pets anymore and they will return to level 1 until upgrading them by yourself.

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Or1000000 000000000000

u can place traps when all builders are working.
Example: Ur using all builders but still can place traps

Strange bug. Let me know some information about it into the DM.