Nulls brawl suggestion

hi i have 2 suggestions for nulls brawl:
-coloured names from battle pass like in original when u buy brawl pass u get animated named it should be added cuz u have brawl pass
-Rankeds i heard a lot ppl wanna have masters in nulls cuz it looks cool there should be setting in settings where u can change ur rank like mythic, legendary, master or just add big boost to the rankeds like 5k+ every match


About your first suggestion: I have to say that colored names in Null’s Brawl are only special to Null’s Team.
And about your second suggestion: I don’t know other’s opinions, but people should try to get higher degrees, no matter the trophy or rank. Many people have already attempted and reached high positions, and if others reach their places easily, that’s not fair. I’m not one of them :rofl:

well i know a lot ppl that wanna reach masters

:slightly_smiling_face:I said, it’s not good for people who already reached high ranks.

what abt the first suggestion?