Null's Brawl FAQ and in-game commands

Hey! You can find some answers to popular questions here. Please read this before creating new topic.

Q: How to use in-game commands?
A: You should write them in club chat. There are these commands available:
/status - show server status
/clean - reset your account (this won’t affect brawlers that have trophies)

Q: When Null’s Brawl will be updated?
A: We can’t predict complexity of update. Each update requires its own efforts and “costs”, and sometimes we cannot cope with everything so quickly. Usually we update our server during the month after update in BS.

Q: Can I download Null’s Brawl to my iPhone or iPad?
A: Unfortunately, no. iOS isn’t suppoted and won’t be supported in future.

Q: Why can’t I get into a battle? Why battles are lagging?
A: At the moment, our battle server has a limit of ~600 concurrent battles. Since there are quite a few players on the server, it can be difficult to get into the battle, or the battle server may have lags.

Q: Why should I wait ~20 seconds before I enter battle?
A: Since our battle servers have a limit of concurrent battles, new battles can be queued if battle servers are full. When server can find free slot for new battle, this battle will start.

Q: What should I do if game stucked at Download Content or Connecting to Server?
A: Try to re-enter by in a little while. If it doesn’t work for a long time, сontact us.

Q: What should I do if I can’t enter in game and get error “Your account can’t be found in database. Try to clean app data.”?
A: That means your account has been deleted (usually we delete accounts due to long inactivity). You should remove application data, you can do this in your device settings:

Q: Can I download Null’s Brawl to my emulator (like Memu, Bluestacks)?
A: In latest versions of BS there are no x86 libraries. While original version can work on emulators well through binary translation technology, our client can’t do so because of some implementation details. Currently it is out of our control, if x86 will be returned at some point (as in CoC) we will add emulators support back!

Q: I see many players with colored or gradient in nickname. How I can get it?
A: No way. That privilege was available for players who created their account when server was early access.

Q: Will Brawl Pass or trophy road be implemented?
A: No. You can get any game content for free, so we think these features aren’t necessary.