Null's Brawl 37.222 Update!

Null’s Brawl has been updated to the latest version 37.222 with the one newest brawler: Ash!


What’s new:

  1. Ash. We’ve tried to implement him and his starpowers and gadgets as close as possible. But keep in mind it still can be slightly different from original game in various use scenarios.
  2. New skins, pins, UI and etc is here too obviously
  3. It seems current versions of our dependencies work on Android 12. Therefore, we’ve added Android 12 to the list of supported.

If you believe that anything which was ok in 36.257 is broken now - report in #nulls-brawl as usual.

I found errors:

  • In the “Boss Fight” mode (on the “Be like Muhammad Ali” map) (it is possible that he translated this map differently, because I wrote this map in Polish, because I used a translator) when we are respawned in the middle of the fence, what surrounds us are robots ( if they are at the fence until it is destroyed somewhere) they teleport inside.
  • Stu (In “Boss Fight” mode, but so far on this map I noticed what is written above) must hit 2 main attacks to load the super (after all, he should hit 1 main attack)

and I have a question for the developers right away!

When can we expect (or will there ever be) these modes (from the previous update) such as:

  • Basketball,
  • Volleyball
  • why Gale doesn’t have the second gadget if it worked



  • 2 gadget, when an opponent hits us, the ball should fly like in BS, not that the second does not pass and the ball has already hit the opponent.

So it’s mean android 11 also it will work right


There is no 3rd star powers of jessie and dynamike.
There is no volley balll and basket ball.