My nulls clash is also not working

my nulls clash is not working even after doing aeroplane mod on, off and restart but its not, and showing unknown error code 102 and my phone is XIAOMI POCO X2, please help me i am a big fan of nulls clash, (/help) me

It’s because android 11, there will be probably support for it in the future.

If it has something to do with your phone’s compatibility, you can install an emulator on your phone and use that to play.

Will emulator works

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I’ve used emulators and they work fine, but some don’t.

They says emulators doesn’t support ×86 libaries at moment

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Try a different one. The one that works for me is X8 Sandbox. Some other ones I’ve tried can’t open.

How can i get my guest acc back pls tell me