My account has banned

My account has been BANED plz unban it I apologize for chat spam I will never gonna do it again please unban me
My tag :22P9V0208U
Name: peeroo
Level champion 3600 above trophies I was pushing to titan

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Hello. Start a new game. This is the best thing. Forget the previous account.


Bro can you help me ban some harassers

How do I include a screen shot

Please help

Sign in to Google Drive. Upload the photo to Google Drive from there. Then select My Drive. The photo is saved there. Select the three dots next to it. Select the Manage link and people option. Copy the link there and send it here. Set the option for anyone to see there. So that everyone can open the photo.

Ok I am doing it think it’s enough


Hey! I can’t see it because the link is private. Change manage people to public.

How do I do that

Hi, I’m having trouble logging into my new phone, can you help me?


Choose the photo you want. Click on the three dots. Select Share. Tap the butter. Choose who can see.