Multi Account abuse for XP


After a long discussion on discord about multi accounts with MISHACR ( Start of the Conversation, End of the Conversation ), he asked me to show her some evidence ( Message here ) that clans farm experience by creating a special clan with 50 defensless second accounts to be able to perfect them, make lots of War Stars and easily earn lots of XP.

To do this, it is very simple, you just have to launch with the same number of players, at the same time in the 2 clans, the one who must win the xp and the clan with 50 accounts.

So it seems that some are really capable of it, here are a few examples :

  • Example 1 : Ghost Of Time
    • Clan tag : #8RV9LR9GU ( Screen )
    • Farm clan tag : #90RL98280 ( Screen )
    • Screen : Proof
  • Example 2 : German N°1
    • Clan tag : #8QUPJLP00 ( Screen )
    • Farm clan tag : #2VUPLO82J ( Screen )
    • Screen : Proof
  • Example 4 : Asian Clan ( sorry i can’t read these characters)
    • Clan tag : #8P28YROPO ( Screen )
    • Farm clan tag : #8988PURGU ( Screen )
    • Screen : Proof
  • Example 5 : Viet Nam War Pro
    • Clan tag : #8GRYCUV80 ( Screen )
    • Farm clan tag : #8Q2C8L8U0 ( Screen )
    • Screen : Proof

If I find other examples, I will post them in comments

I hope that measures will be taken because with this method it is very easy to earn a lot of xp without being strong but just over time. This is not fair play because it is not the best who are rewarded …

Thanks for your attention, sorry if there is any misunderstanding because english is not my mother tongue.


My NC tag : #P2LYPGC9J
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I agree your opinion, we want now basic war.


With this technique, we can start at the same time as another clan and fall against them just to annoy them, if we know when they will start the war and how many they will be.

These opponents clan members come to our clan make multiple ids and starting wars rapidly and hacked our clans war searching, if we start war we get same clan again and again. this was problem that we face the most and that opponent clan created many multiple ids.

we can’t kick them, becoz our clan leadership has gone and got erased that’s why we can’t kick them atleast please ban their ids.


Hey! It looks like there was some mistake in war enemy search algorithm, so sometimes one clan could be found multiple times in a row. We have just fixed it in maintenance break.

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I know this problem is resolved, but I still like to point out that one of your examples were wrong. I’m a part of that clan you mistakenly you said was farming and I can assure you that they weren’t doing that.