Lost Connection?

Why this keep happening to me ): it says connection lost

My wifi is fine. I have 50mbps wifi and the room I’m in is pretty close to the router. :expressionless:

Looks like some problems with battle server. What’s region are you from?

My region is USA Sir; my city is Tampa; in Florida.

It’s does not happen too frequently, only every once in a while. Not much of a problem but I would like to know the fix sir.

Oh. Listen, our battle server is based in Europe, Amsterdam. So it may happened due to some unknown reasons such as: your internet provider can just ‘intervene’ in the internet traffic (what we can’t fix in anyway), may happened due to high ping (but i’m not really sure about it), may happened due to unknown issues by battle server side (lags, instability, etc). Also you said about

How often does this happen? For one time per week or something else?

Maybe 2 time a day

:confused: :confused: :confused:

I dunno, maybe it is my ISP because when I switch to mobile data it’s fine. It’s not that much of a problem, I just pushed a lot of trophies and I’m happy !

Got it. Let me know, if an issue appears in a larger scale.

Okay :smiley:

i have the same issue im using bluestacks 5 and my gps location is amsterdam but i still get “lost connection” after i jion a match

What should i do, I join a game in nulls royale and it says “LOGIN FAILED PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONNECTION”, what should I do?

You use vpn and try to open game or turn off network and turn on then open game mine also happens many times I turn off and turn on data then games opens or maybe you use VPN that’s helpful o think

VPN for what country? I am currently living in the uK