Login Failed, Try again

Im trying to open nulls clash for past 30mins. i couldnt open my game. Is this server problem or any other error in my account? Please let me know.
Thanks in advance

Have you enabled VPN for a while?, if it doesn’t work, try restarting your phone, it’s most likely an error.

Wher is mr leader?

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Hello. Please be careful !!! If you have registered your account in vk. Go to the programs to delete the account data. And download again. If the problem is not solved. It is possible that your account has been blocked. Have you done anything wrong before? … I say again, is it registered in vk? Then I told you to do the steps

Warning !!!. If your account is not registered in vk. Do not delete the data. Or do not delete your account, because all your progress will be lost

@Man_Mani he didn’t asked about saving his account with vk he asked problem having with stuck bar or can’t login into game by the way you can save account with nulls connect using email ids

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I am not able to login in my id or even open the game for past 20 min and this happens evertime whenever I play as I always restart my game when I have deployed my army to finish the attack quickly but after doing it for some time the game dosen’t open and it shows login failed . Plz tell me if its a policy or error


hi, im not able to login as well. it stopped at the loading bar. i dont know what to do please suggest

My account there Always erorr if i login
I Don’t now what happen i hope fix it from Malaysia :pray:

How do i register my account? Because when i try it always say api error

What device do you use?

Go to the connection section through the network (VK) or through the settings. Enter your email and register your account.

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