Level 11 clone clan

I’ve found a clan that looks like a clone clan because the following reasons:
1.5 ppl at 0 trophies with anti 3 star base are called sebi
2.everyone under top 25 has 0 trophies with anti 3 star base and around level 20-30
3. I know the leader and he literally told me but no screenshot
4. copying names of ppl i knew or atleast know about like grizzly and meka on his clone ids
5. the clone IDs are all co
The 100% proof since 5 ppl are named sebi
The clan id:
The leader
He may not be in the clan at this moment

I’ve found a level 3 clone clan it’s alot of blanked name people

Thanks, but so badly that there is no proofs as screenshots as well. I’ll check it soon.