Legend League

Maybe this is only my game , but I reached legend League and I still am getting opponent bases with 15 to 17 trophies

If this is for everyone , then plz do something like atleast 20 to 30 trophy bases

Never Known

I could only get two or three trophies and didn’t say anything . you’re doing fine.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

The new season will apply the Legend League system.
Eight attacks a day

Wow, how bad! Some ppl are getting 0 trophies on legend league players and it won’t be like that next season because they revamp the legend league system.

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Add me in that group too

pls add one more feature that is visibility of our defense in friendly challenges and replay of our defense because we don’t know how good is our base if someone not attack relly

Hi…I have a question… my friend has a strategy…his strategy is about pushing trophies and it gives he legend bases in every attack and he get a lot of trophies of every attack but I’m attacking just to champion and master leagues…So plz explain me about this…It is a password or strategy…plz tell me…Thank you🌹

You can try to cancel and then match again. Repeated operation will match the legendary player.

I cancel and search again but it dosen’t give me lagend.
I have 12100 trophies.
All of top platers has a strategy to get legend bases.
But I dont know​:sob::sob:

There’s no other way., the legend mechanism will change at the end of the season. It won’t be so painful.

As I know this system will be for march season then tomorrow they will change it I think :thinking:

Wtf 40 attack​:expressionless::joy:

Cómo subo a liga legendaria?