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I just want to send a message for all of you guys, who asks every 2 minutes: when is the update?..
Please, stop asking for the updates! The developers have two more servers to update(Null’s Cr, Null’s CoC).
They have a life too, and, maybe a FAMILY to sustain!
The more news the update has, the time to wait is much more.
As Andrey said some time ago (I read some topics a while ago), the battle logic of the game has changed dramatically, that is, the level of programming that developers will have to adapt on the servers will consume more time. When developers are ready to release the update, they can create a topic the day before to let everyone know. In the meantime, please be patient!
A message from: Killer95.

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they have 4 servers: Nulls CoC, Nulls Royale, Nulls Brawl and Nulls Rush

Where is nulls rush here in forum


:man_shrugging:t2: but here is link —> dnull.xyz/latest_rw

Idk why Supercell cancelled Rush Wars. I loved that game :cry: . But anyway, just be patient, everyone.

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hey, could you add block bounce to the Brawl Ball editor map in nulls brawl please :slight_smile: