Is there a way to get null's on IOS devices?

I’ve been trying to play null’s using various methods since I do not have an android and I’d really rather use my iphone phone. So if there’s a way to get it in ios, can someone help me?

And if it’s not available, pls developers do a version for ios.

you need te be jailbroken with cydia:
1 install filza with cydia.
2 install nulls royale ipa with this link: ha9yphrhq1skk48gcc.ipa - Google Диск
3 install it with filza.
4 respring you device and you should be done.

The Google drive link doesn’t work.
Pls help

Hello!, Sorry i am late but you can download Null’s Royale without Jailbreak!

1st method: Go to the site (ATTENTION USE SAFARI OR IT WILL NOT WORK)
2nd step (1st meth): Scroll down and click Download/install
(If you get a ad switch the page to Scarlet page If It does not papear click the left/light Button to go back.)

3th step (1meth): click open on iTunes and click Install, clicking on It will install Scarlet

4th step (1meth): Go to Settings, general, vpn/vpn and device management and click on the Enterprise setting (name of the Company example: “iPhone Distribution: HDFGC”

Click Trust
5th step and last step for 1st method: download the ipa file on the nulls Royale download page:
Go to Scarlet and download It with the ipa file

And you are done!

Hello dear! so my question is what do i have to do when the configuration profile doesnt show up? This is the only problem i’ve been facing