How to save nulls clash account?

How to save my nulls clash account data?


Download vk app from playstore.


You can bind your account with vk thank you.


If you don’t know what is vk or how to create account in vk, you can take help of youtube.


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.Why everytime I am online others attacking to me? I have 7k trophies

I am create VK account and connect to null coc but not connected because he is saying inrroct password but i am type tight password

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Lol you should type that capache code correctly and you should give your vk password while u have given before in sign in after that you should type that in login in then give number or email and password what u given before then type capache code correctly then it’s done :+1:

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I haved vk account and now when I download I can’t find vk I only see nulls connect and anyone can help me how I can withdraw my account from vk

Vk yükledim ve null nasıl baglıyacam

VK account access to Null’s Clash is no longer supported.

If you want to recover your account then the answer is of course you can. Just select settings on the connect null login page then select “import vk” then you will be continued on the vk account page that you created previously. On that page, you must remember your email address or ID or password at that time. If you can find it, accounts that were not previously listed on Null’s Connect will automatically be added to the list of accounts on Null’s Connect and your account will be restored.