Having trouble logging back in, my device was reset

Hello, I would like to begin by apologizing if I am posting this on the wrong board. I am new to this website. I’ve seen a few posts where people were able to log in using their VK. My Nulls profile was linked to a VK, but I don’t know how to use it to back it up again. Can anyone please provide me instructions?

I thought that my Nulls Brawl account was linked to VK and Line, but it is not. My account had 164k trophies and had 10 10k trophy brawlers, so I don’t want to lose the account. Plus, I presided over a club of over 14 members. I heard that your account is irretrievable if it wasn’t linked to line or VK. However, if I were to provide all descriptions of the properties of my account, would an expert here help me to retrieve it? What if I provided screenshots?