Frequently asked questions

Here you can find some asnwers to popular questions.

Q: What should I do if I can’t login to the server?
A: Try to log in later. If the server doesn’t work for a long time, contact us about it, providing detailed information.

Q: How do I get a colored nickname?
A: Colored nicknames used to be available for old players of Null’s Royale or for an early access players and our Mods in Null’s Brawl, but since 2019 it no longer available.

Q: Is it possible to save your account, link it to something?
A: Yes, you are able to link it with Null’s Connect (our official account-protection system) and VKontakte.

Q: My game account was lost, is there any way to recover it?
A: Yes, if it wasn’t linked with anything. For more information, contact us.

Q: Why is timeout set for 7 days after nickname change? Is there any way to remove it?
A: Those are the rules. After some research we came to the conclusion that this feature was abused by many players, so we set this timeout. From now on you have to change your nickname responsibly.

Q: I don’t receive emails with the code to login Null’s Connect. What should I do?
A: Make sure that you type correct e-mail address. Make sure your mailbox isn’t full, see details for: Gmail. You may also receive emails in your Spam folder, so check it as well. If it receive in this folder, please click on “Not Spam” to make sure our emails don’t receive there again. P.S. By clicking “Not Spam” you help us prevent this.

Q: I have a black screen / the game crashes / nothing works!
A: Contact to us with more details: what device you have, its specifications, which server you are talking about, how long ago the problem started, etc.

Q: I can’t install the application!
A: Check if you enabled installing applications from unknown sources. Also, you need more than 1GB of free space in your device memory. Also, if you have parental-control enabled on your device, its settings may also block the installation of third-party apps.

Q: When is the server update?
A: We try to update our servers to the latest versions as soon as possible. Typically an update is released within a month after it’s release on the official servers.

Q: What does “Server configuration updated” error mean?
A: Reboot server configuration. Most likely due to a bugfix or the addition of new features.

Q: Can I login to your server with Android emulator?
A: Yes, you can, but currently only one emulator is available: BlueStacks 5 (x64). That’s because this emulator contains a binary translator (ARM->x86) supported by our servers. Also you’ll need Windows 7 and above to run it. Also we want to note, that we don’t give any help on emulators correctness.

Q: Where should I type commands?
A: In clan chat.

Q: What’s the 20-second timer at the start of Null’s Brawl?
A: During this time, the server picks up a free battle server to start your battle. If the server isn’t free even in 20 seconds, you’ll get an error. We added this timer so you don’t have to constantly hit the battle button.

Q: How do I write in colored or multicolored text?
A: How to use color codes?

Q: Where are my trophies?
A: We have a system of automatically dropping cups, like on the official servers. For example in Null’s Clash and Null’s Royale, the season only lasts a month and in Null’s Brawl it lasts three months. The reset timer is on the general player top and Path to Glory in Null’s Brawl.

Q: Why do I lost a lot of trophies in Null’s Clash or Royale but get not many?
A: It’s NOT a bug. It happens when your opponent has far fewer trophies than you do. Currently matchmaking doesn’t take trophies into account as there aren’t a lot of players with a lot of trophies on the server.

Q: Can I buy any stuff?
A: No. We have no any paid-stuff on our project.

Q: What does “Your last account credentials are incorrect” error mean?
A: The game cannot get access to your account. Most likely, it may have been deleted due to inactivity.

Q: Why does the lightning chest not allow to replace the cards?
A: Swapping cards is not implemented (and not planned).