Fix instructions page for emulators

Hello, lately I have seen that when you open the application you get a sign that says something like: “game does not have x86 support for now” or something like that, and then it said that if you use an emulator, follow the instructions in this link, and the The link that was there did not work and the error 404 appeared when you opened the link.

sorry for bad english, i used a translator

Hello. Your emulator seem to have incompatible translators with the Null’s Royale. I’ve tested on BlueStacks 5 (latest version) and it is working great. So I’ll recommend this emulator.

Hello, I’m also using BlueStacks 5, but there’s a problem with connection that appears when I enter the battle. Could you please tell me what should I do to resolve it? (it looks like there are some problems with connection) I assure you that my interenet is fast.
Video: Emulator bug - YouTube

Seems like your IPS have some troubles with UDP protocol which just can’t be fixed by us in this case.

Great time try to switch your data network. So if you play via wi-fi just switch it to your mobile data or enable proxy.

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i play bluestacks 5. How i can do it?