Errors in version 36.257!

  • the background of the game and the music is different than in BS (I mean the main menu),
  • I don’t know if this is true, but if we upgrade the brawler to the 7th or 9th power level, such a sound should be the possibility of unlocking a gadget or starpowers (as in BS and I can’t explain it too much),
  • When you select Jacky and choose the skin “Water Scooter Jacky” and when you use a super attack, this super attack has no special effects
  • I have the impression that if you play a given character often, there are sometimes delays in the game, i.e. shooting too late with a super attack or main attack,
  • when we select a modifier in each mode, it does not work (meteor shower, energy drink, robo rotten, graveyard shift does not work), but I do not know if it does not work when you create a map in map maker,
  • why if you choose the cemetery modifier, the change is, as soon as we join the battle, we die, then every 3 seconds we also die and it is difficult to hit the opponent, and I don’t even know if you can heal yourself by hitting the opponent,
  • in the knockout mode, when the gas zone comes, even if we are not in this gas zone, we die, I do not even know how and the gas zone should appear after about 50 seconds (I calculated it in BS, but I do not know if this is the time it is in BS game)
  • In map elements, the spikes do not repel and do not deal damage, the acceleration tile does not accelerate, the slowdown tile and here is probably a bug, because when we enter this tile, it should slow down, and unfortunately it slows down when we walk a short bit on this tile,
  • I don’t know if it works in shoudown mode
    “Poison damage in Combat is now calculated individually for each player from the moment he enters the poison area instead of attacking each of the Brawlers at the same time” (I took the quote to distinguish the text)
  • in shoudown mode, when you stand in this green gas, it deals damage to us with a delay of 1 second, but sometimes when we are still in this zone, it sometimes deals damage to us by 1 second delay,
  • in the “Hold the Trophy” mode, when someone is holding the cup, they should be slowed down,
  • there are still no wagons in the Gem Grab mode on the “Crazy Wagons” map,
  • when creating a team (if we want to play in PvP battles or in a game for friends), next to the exit button, the team code should be visible, but not visible,

Bugs in Brawlers in version 36.257:
a) 8-bit:

  • when you play (no matter if in pvp battles, in a friend game or in a training cave), he has a super attack with him,
    b) Emz:
  • 1st and 2nd starpower not working,
    c) Penny:
  • 1 starpower when it is destroyed by enemies or by using 1 gadget, these balls should go to the closest opponent or enemies (as in BS)
    d) Carl:
  • 1 gadget does not work properly (I mean more damage over time),
    e) Jakcy:
  • sometimes brawlers are not attracted by a super attack in a vertical line, i.e. when 2 or more brawlers are in a vertical line, and Jakcy with a super attack attracts them, they are not often attracted in a straight line (it also depends on where the opponent is and I do not know if there is any a mistake, because in BS he probably does that too, but it is hard to notice there, as if he only informs),
    f) Frank:
  • 1 starpower does not work in the training cave (I inform you so)
    f) Bibi:
  • super attack has wrong sounds,
    f) Nani:
  • in this 2 gadget, when the ball flies, it should fly like in BS
    g) Mortis:
  • 1 starpower does not work in the training cave (I inform you so)
    h) Gene:
  • I have the impression that Gene still attracts opponents in the air slightly from the floor
    i) Max:
  • I do not know if this is a bug, because I do not have this character in BS yet, but if Maks used the 2nd gadget and she used the super attack, then if the 2nd gadget flew over Maks where she turned on this gadget, the super attack was wasted (I will write again) no I know if this is a mistake, but I only inform you
    j) Mr. P:
  • 2 starpower does not work properly, because when little Boy dies, between respawning the next one and the killed one should take 3 seconds, and unfortunately it takes 2 seconds ino (we are talking about the super attack too)
    k) Sprout:
  • when we have a super attack and our ally wants to go out, this super attack should be destroyed (as in BS), and it does not, here is probably every mode, but I do not know if solo shoudown too,
  • when we play in a game for friends, the bots (e.g. in the brawl mode) when we lock them in the goal, how they want to pass, they jump,
  • how (so far I have noticed in the brawl mode, but I do not know if it will also do it on others) before the match starts, the sprout makes such a soft sound as if it threw the main attack
    l) Byron:
  • when he uses a super attack, he cannot heal himself or his allies
    m) Leon:
  • I do not know if this is a bug, but when you use 1 gadget, and you have a super attack loaded, you cannot see the super attack in Leon’s clone,
    n) Sandy:
  • I do not know if it is a bug or delay, but if we want to heal and click the gadget, instead of 2 seconds we have to wait (I think) 2.5 seconds,
    o) Lou:
  • when he puts a super attack, he should deal that super attack after 1 second, not immediately after placing it,

So far I have found so many errors, if a bug is written and it could be fixed or there is no such error, I am sorry that I wrote about it.

i`m so lazy to read this all



further errors:

  • 2 El Primo gadget, when you use it, you can’t see the meteor during the flight,
  • Byron’s main attack does not give players a color effect (while healing), and Byron himself, when healing with a gadget, also has no color effect,

If I find mistakes, I will write.

I don’t want to be a writer, but I’ll try (if I find a bug) not to write long text for my readers.

keep writing long texts, it’s easier for developers
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Admins already knows the bugs maybe :sleepy:

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maybe they know the bugs


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why do we have to wait 20 seconds when we want to play a battle with players or in a friend game?