Errors in battle

I am writing to you administrators, to follow up on how Null’s Royale works, since since the last update (10/9/2020), there has been a collapse regarding the community.
This is due to two factors: 1. We cannot wait 10 or 30 minutes for the game to find someone to play with.
And 2. When we find a game, we get two very common errors that affect the gameplay of the players in general.
I understand the effort that each one of you makes to improve this server, all the functionalities it has is incredible, I only ask this to help optimize it. I am looking forward to your response.

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  1. How much trophies you have? At ~4K there’s no problems with matchmaking.
  2. “two very common errors”? I don’t understand what did you mean…

I cannot place the screenshots on the errors, can I send them to you by other means?
I’ve 6.370 trophies and my nick is: Tu Vieja™️

Upload screenshots to any fileshare resource, Google Drive for example.

Error 1:

Error 2:

¡Thanks you Andrey and Danilnull!

Sorry, but we can’t seen this files. Can you make files as public, cuz I don’t want to show my Gmail.

I have activated the “Sharing” mode Andrey, try again to open the links.