Don't like the new matchmaking algorithm

With the update I noticed you guys also changed the matchmaking algorithm. I have been going against people closer to my trophies range (6000-6200), which is great, but it seems like you did this more for the lower players than the top players. I have to wait 2 minutes just to go into a match, because there are so little people at my trophy range. And I know what you’re gonna say. You are gonna tell me “just wait until we get further into the season, then they’ll be more people at your trophy range”, but by then I will have hopefully pushed to 7500 or something, and I’ll still have the same problem. Also, there have been numerous times that I have gone against someone, the battle ended, and I immediately went into another one, and I faced the same person. With so little people in the 6000 trophy range, it would be easy for some of the top players to farm trophies by winning a match, and losing a match, because there will always be a gain of 7 trophies. Please go back to the previous algorithm. Thanks for consideration :DD

EDIT: I also can’t copy decks so please fix