Disconnects and out of syncs

Is it just me or have disconnects and out of syncs become much more common recently? I just lost around 6 matches in a row due to the game randomly freezing in the middle of the match, and at least 50% of my wins recently have been wiped because it was “out of sync” immediately after I won.


I have some problems but they come from my cel that does not support the game. Are you sure it won’t be your phone?

has nothing to do with this cell phone business, everyone dumb claims, and developing them just speaks that excuse and doesn’t solve anything!


more respect please they do their best to have a good gameplay on the servers if you do not like it then do not play because that is not a way to Talk to them

Hi. Honestly, it may depend on a 100500 reasons. Usually, it can be: due to problem In the server side, etc . Could you send Out of Syn ’s screeshots? With their help, it’ll be easier for us to understand the problem and fix faster. You can upload them to any fileshare resourses, Google.Drive for example.

Hope to your fast feedback.

can you send an email to send?


Friend, the same thing happens to me, I’m playing and the game freezes and the game goes out and they give one the defeat … Also I lost my account and now the servers go out as (BATTLE SERVERS AREN’T AVAILABLE)

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