Color codes

Hello, could you tell me how you can put your name in color? that would help me a lot as I would like to color one of the two names. here are the codes:

<. cd0ad00.>L<.cdfbb00.>a<.cefc900.>y<.cffd700.>a<.cffe524.>n<.cfff438.>0<.cffff4a.>2<./.c.>

<. cff19ff.>L<.cc174ff.>a<.c00b2ff.>y<.c00daff.>a<.c00ff1e6.>n<.c00fca0.>0<.c19ff1f.>2<./.c.>

Note: I put dots to be able to see the codes

Thank you for your understanding

Depuis une mise à jour il est impossible de mettre le nom en couleur, mais tu peux écrire en couleur dans le chat.