Changes indeed in current Legend league system

Indeed to change this current ,“corrupt legend league system” which promotes the players who are just mastered in perfecting noob ring bases of newbies…Meanwhile in tough wars those guys can’t even triple a good anti-3 star base…Also there’s a particular ring base…which is used by almost 7 guys in top 10…in fact that copied base is quite popular throughout nulls which they’ve just copied and using it as usual and waitin’ for other noob/new players to do 1 star on them…
Now my question is, why dnulls promoting copiers and the players who can triple only noob ring bases…but instead they should promote the skilled attackers and good base builders who actually deserve top rank!!
why top players face new players?.. instead top players should face the other top players who have at least some good bases!!..In that way skillfulled players would be promoted…I hope you"ll take a keen review over my views…and hopefully make some changes from next season onwards…it would enhance the in-game experience too :slight_smile:

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