Bugs and changes

Hello, there are some bugs that could be annoying. Please fix them if you want:

  1. There is an animation bug on Frank where his attack animation resets in the middle of his attack animation if you spam the attack button.
  2. There is an animation bug on D4R-RY1 where whenever he walks, it sometimes does the “idle” animation. This could be intentional since it looked the same in original Brawl Stars.
  3. Both of Emz’s star powers don’t work.
  4. Penny’s first star power “Last Blast” does work, but whenever the turret gets destroyed, instead of the bombs going to the nearest enemy, they evenly split everywhere. This sounds right, but if you compare where the bombs go in NB and BS, they are different.
  5. Byron and Colonel Ruffs second star powers aren’t released yet. I’m not too worried though, because I know they’ll get added eventually.
    Mr. P’s second gadget isn’t released yet. As I said, I’m not too worried.
  6. Byron’s star power “Injection” has the wrong SP icon.
  1. this client error(NOT SERVER!)
  2. this normal
  3. checked. 2 starpowers dont working
  4. nulls team writing starpowers. server problem
  5. nulls team fixing this.
  6. this normal. if disabled 1 sp. but enabled 2, hes be have icon 1 star power

I forgot to include that Gene’s second gadget “Vengeful Spirits” doesn’t home in on enemies.