Bugs After the Update

There are some bugs after the update:

  1. Pets don’t work, even after pairing them with a hero, they don’t appear in battle.
  2. Null’s Connect isn’t appearing for accounts not yet connected with Null’s Connect.

Please fix as soon as possible because these bugs are really bugging :pray::pray:
@nullandrey @daniillnull

P.S. I’m sorry about the other posts I made, they kept on needing reviewing so I made a couple.


Same here

الان کلش من کار نمیکند و ارور میدهد لطفا کمکم کنید :pray::broken_heart:

yeni güncelleme ne zaman geliyor ve düzeltilir

Pets are good now, but Null’s Connect seems to bug out still.

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Please fix With pet and Null’s connect


Now it’s done bro.You can use your little pets

Null’s connect become loading and don’t open but my internet connection is very speed I’m open YouTube in this internet don’t loading on full HD but loading in null’s connect why

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I get banned for spamming please remove the ban @daniillnull