Bug and problem in game

in-game bugs:

  1. The maintenance break is still there
  2. some players who are not using android 11 get the message “error 102”
  3. Friend war bug, some attacks don’t count and get stuck in the cloud
  4. slow server connection even though the connection we have is stable and strong



maintenance was over,now players can login to game😌


Why i cant :expressionless::unamused:
#blackscreen :thinking:

ok. now it can be opened but it’s useless that some of my attacks are wasted because they get stuck in the cloud and then exit the game :expressionless::disappointed_relieved:

I lost my attacks because of maintenance I lost 8 attacks and I can not return to Top 4 :broken_heart::raised_hand:
It’s me: #QLPGVUQ9J

Hmm but they restarted legend day though​:relieved::relieved::relieved:… So u can push again…

I can’t enter my game since the maintenance break till now. I dunno what’s happening. Someone tell me please.

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The majority used 12 attack Before maintenance.
After maintenance, they gave another 12 attack
I did not end my attacks before Maintenance :pensive:

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Still black screen😭. Help me null. I haven’t used my 12 attacks and clan wars today.

It works well :man_shrugging:

Nah dude not working fine for all… Suddenly it starts to show weak internet signals and when try to open the app again it gets stuck on black screen for sometime​:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

The game works for all people except I get an error message 102 and the Android version is not 11:sob::sob:

Not working on my both phones, too.

All my friends work the game only me isn’t work

If the black screen fixed the game isn’t working for me

:pensive::broken_heart:I lost a central in the Top this injustice I’ve been Top 4 I am Top 7

Black screen :unamused:

i cant open the game…as i open the game it shows…unfortunately nulls clash has stopped :triumph: :confounded:

But mine is working fine :v::sleepy: as normal as before