Bring Back Null's custom Cards in Matchmaking

I stopped playing Matchmaking, because I can do it in the original CR and in the past I played Null’s because of the custom Cards. The Cave and the Dragon making the game more interesting. It would be cool if there was a Null’s Vanilla App and a Null’s Custom App.
So both playerbases would be happy, the only thing I did for now was playing Null’s legacy. And remove the Super Mini Pekka!

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It wouldnt be fair since ladder is for trophies

It would be fair, because you don’t have to be on Null’s other Client. You can remain in the CR Vanilla one.

Nulls’Royale Vanilla

To different Servers.

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they removed custom cards ,last year now it can used only in nulls legacy .

I think you can’t read my Text?
Its about 2 Apps so they bring it back again!
I know that there is Null’s Legacy but it is boring, because there is no competetive manner in it!

But still it’s good to get them back, they don’t make seperate apps for that

“You think” that is why I created this post, so they maybe do it…

New cards comed monk and phoneix pls patch this nulls!

This cards never won’t back for playing ladder because of there unfair balance charactiristics. Also we add Super Mini P.E.K.K.A in Null’s Legacy just for fun (imo this card is too much fun to play) :slight_smile:

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