Battle servers are aren't Available

Whenever I am doing battle in nulls royale it is saying that battles are aren’t aviable please give solution and war is also not started it is just showing that loading a map

Game just got an update, there might be some problems. I’m pretty sure they’ll fix it after a while.

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Yeah, idk why the game everytime show the clanwar map, this is very annoying, so much.
Also we are fixed problem with Battle servers.

And of course, the Clan Wars 2 in the progress, it doesn’t implemented now.

Sir means when will map be shown of war in nulls royale?

Sir means when will war start?

It will be correct display after release CW2 in NR methinks.

Air means you have only created nulls royale so you can say when is it going to be released?

I still have the problem with the battle servers still

wtf… It is working now.

Thanks, it’s working now

But we are missing some of the newer tower skins

It doesn’t say out of sync anymore but every freaking game freezes midmatch

We will adding it in the next content update

Look’s like everything is OK. Check out the internet stability.