Ban Rascist Spammer

Please ban this player. I’ve reported him dozens of times. He’s being incredibly rascist. He’s insulting colored people as well as Englishmen.

Пожалуйста, забаньте этого игрока. Я сообщал об этом десятки раз. Он невероятно расист. Он оскорбляет цветных, а также англичан.

Issue still unresolved

Issue unresolved

The spammer has many trophies. He can’t get banned. He knows that he is invincible so he can do anything and won’t get banned

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The spammer is still active in the club called :heart:.

I guess he wont get banned,Because he makes weird usernames and change club everytime,Why does this person treat you like this? What did you do to him that he is teasing you?

I think he got banned.

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Great then

Hi do you still exist

1: What is his name ?