Are there any new commands?

Are there any new commands?

/help - shows all available commands
/clean – reset your account (will keep trophy score and clan)
/full – upgrade all buildings, troops and heroes to max level available for your town hall
/th – upgrade town hall to specified level (example: /th 13 )
/asp – attack your base
/cct – remove all spells, troops, super troops and siege machines
/status – show current server status
/crazyskins – enable or disable King and Queen skins for their barbarians and archers
/max – set maximum of all resources
/min – set minimum of all resources

These are the commands in the game. Enjoy the game!


/region (enter country iso code) - moves/changes the region code based on your position in the top locales on the recent top players tab.


/region RU
/region US
/region ID