Another clan hiding bases

Another clan name : " LEGENDS OF WAR"
clan tag:#8L20909PU
Using glitch and hiding their bases in war!!
Nowadays many clans using this glitch in order to hide their bases, so as to win the war for sure!!..Indeed ban of such clans immediately so that other clans would’nt dare to use such glitches…
Screenshots as proof:

Further this clan broke another rule “THEY ARE USING CLONES” there are 6-7 IDs of the leader…all IDs have the same name " legend shiv"
Leader tag: #GQR8VRP8U

Thanks for a feedback. I have sent this issues to our Main Server Developer.

Ban this clan immediately admins!!!
We met this clan in 15v15 in india no.1…their 9/15 bases are hidden and we r unable to attack them :expressionless::expressionless:wtf is this
If such noob players are so afraid of war lose!! Why they even start war huh!!:expressionless::expressionless:
Ban this clan immediately… if you want i can share the screenshots of all of their hidden bases too!!
Ban this whole clone clan immediately!! Else they will keep on using this glitch and winning wars for sure​:expressionless::expressionless:such peoples simply decrease the in-game experience​:angry:

Ban this clan immediately please this clan broke our clan streak too!! this clan will win all wars because nobody can attack their empty bases :angry::angry::angry:

we have icounterd also there clan in war. and that true too many hidden village that could not be attack nor getting star from them that the second clan uses that glitch first we lose in goolden clan for using that trick too very unfair may clan ang member dicided to stop war as soon qs these issue resolve