50.219 crashes at startup on iOS

The new version instantly crashes at startup. Attaching the logs:

Date: 7/10/23, 8:10 PM
Process: NB Patched Event Executable
Bundle id: nt.nb.ios
Device: iPad (6th generation), iOS 14.4
Bundle version: 50.219

Exception type: EXC_SOFTWARE (SIGABRT)
Exception subtype: EXC_UNIX_ABORT
Exception codes: 0x0000000000010002, 0x0000000000000000
Culprit: Unknown
Termination Reason: malformed mach-o image: segment __NTTEXT has vmsize != filesize and is executable

Triggered by thread: 18446744073709551615
Thread name: (null)
Call stack:

Register values:
PC: 0x16f74a6d0         LR: 0x16f74a710         CPSR: 0x24593e8
x0: 0x4400000006        x1: 0x6                 x2: 0x9
x3: 0x16f74ab40         x4: 0x14                x5: 0x16f74a740
x6: 0x0                 x7: 0x10247c260         x8: 0x50
x9: 0x20                x10: 0x9                x11: 0x66203d2120657a69
x12: 0x20657a6973656c69 x13: 0x6c6966203d212065 x14: 0x6e6120657a697365
x15: 0x6578652073692064 x16: 0x656c6261747563   x17: 0x209
x18: 0x64c8             x19: 0x0                x20: 0x0
x21: 0x16f74a740        x22: 0x14               x23: 0x16f74ab40
x24: 0x9                x25: 0x6                x26: 0x10247cfd0
x27: 0x6b4000           x28: 0x16f74b8dc

{"ProcessBundleID":"nt.nb.ios","ProcessName":"NB Patched Event Executable","Culprit":"Unknown"}