Nulls Royale Won't Open

I keep trying to open the game but it will just send me to my homescreen, when I get mobile data it opens the game but wont let me play any battles. It will be great if I got any help! :+1::+1:


Hello, what’s happening, when you try to enter in battle?


It keeps giving me errors for some reason this app is kinda useless because u cant get into anything nulls royal wont even work only nulls clash work and that is it.


null s royale say the session failed


Can you send screenshot?


Yep, the same is happening to me. I try to open the app and then it says Error.

I cant. It won’t let me send.

same when i try to get in the app it says error this application cant run

It’s working perfect for me

So then ?

Try reset the app if you have a vk account. You can just log into your account after clear cache and data

Is it possible if we saved our account clean app data then we can get back our account

But I saved my I’d but if I clean up data then account will be there right

I thought if we clean up data whole id will be deleted

Nah bro. When you make a vk account, you use your phone number to register. So when you log back in use mobile data. WiFi don’t load the page :call_me_hand:t5:… Also join the clan if you like starlight™:call_me_hand:t5: