Null's Brawl 38.111 Update!

Null’s Brawl has been updated to the latest version 38.111 with the one newest brawler: Meg!


What’s new:

  1. Legendary brawler Meg. We’ve implement her and her starpowers and gadgets as well as in original game.
  2. New skins, pins, balance changes and etc.
  3. Skin randomizer.

If you believe that anything which was ok in 37.222 is broken now - report in #nulls-brawl as usual.


I found an interesting error:

  • When we play Penny, we’ll take a skin for Penny, which has special effects for the turret, then if we take 1 star power and play a match in any mode, when we have a super attack and put a turret, then someone destroys us, these bombs have a normal texture, not have the texture that it skins (vdepending on what the skin has). (it is possible that when we use a gadget, there is also such a texture and I do not know if any brawler has the same bug)

Nani gale

Would be glad if you can record a short video where I can seen that and just share it into my DM here.